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The Microsuction Company is based in Maiden Newton, near Dorchester in Dorset. We are an independent, family-run hearing practice offering a range of clinical ear treatments, including microsuction for the safe and effective removal of excess ear wax. Our expert practitioners are fully-trained in all matters of ear health and are registered hearing aid dispensers (RHAD), regulated by the Hearing and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

Independent, family-run hearing care service

The Microsuction Company is an independent, family-run ear health clinic, offering wax removal and hearing aid consultancy. Our practitioners are all registered hearing aid dispensers (RHAD), regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and with more than 35 years experience.

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Do you need ear wax extraction?

Ear wax build-up can affect people of all ages, resulting in ‘blocked ears’ and discomfort. In most cases, ear wax passes from the body naturally but sometimes it accumulates and needs to be professionally removed. Microsuction is one of the most safe and effective methods of removing excess ear wax and our fully-trained practitioners are here to help you.

Ear microsuction is a relatively simple process to remove excess ear wax, using a non-invasive vacuum machine, without the use of water, to leave the ear dry and free of wax.

We use high magnification which gives us an excellent view of the area we are working on. We are also able to evaluate the condition of your ear before treatment using a video otoscope.

Clients usually express an immediate improvement in their symptoms following the removal of excess ear wax.

Most of the time, our ears keep themselves clean and free of debris, but there are occasions when this does not happen. If you have a build-up of wax or debris in the ear and are experiencing symptoms of having ‘blocked ears’, it may be advisable to have ear microsuction. However, if you suspect you may have an ear infection, please consult your GP before making an appointment with us.

Wax should naturally migrate out of the ear, but sometimes it gets stuck in the bends and builds up, becoming impacted, dry and solid. It can also become irritating and itchy. Ear wax is hydroscopic/hygroscopic which means if it comes into contact with water it swells up, causing the ear to become blocked. People sometimes complain that they went for a swim, or took a bath, and then suddenly felt that their ears were blocked, and their hearing was reduced. Blocked ears often cause a ringing/buzzing sensation in the ears, or temporary tinnitus. Some clients report hearing their ‘heart beating in their ears’ – another typical symptom of blocked ears. In these instances, The Microsuction Company can definitely help you.

Microsuction enables us to reach wax and other debris that is impossible to otherwise extract manually. Clients tell us the process is more comfortable than other forms of ear wax removal. The main benefit following the procedure is usually a significant improvement in hearing quality.

Our practitioner will discuss any possible side effects with you prior to your treatment. It is important to keep your head still during the procedure because sudden movements can lead to accidental injury. In some cases, clients can feel a temporary dizziness, but this does not last long. There may be some minor discomfort for those clients who come to us, following advice from their GP, with an existing ear infection.

During microsuction, noise is generated by the equipment we use. Some people are sensitive to this noise, which may worsen existing tinnitus, although this is an extremely rare occurrence and normally only temporary.

Your ear canal may be vulnerable to infection following treatment until the ear produces more wax to protect itself. So, it is important to keep your ears dry (by using ear plugs) when washing your hair, showering, bathing or swimming, for a minimum of 4-5 days after treatment.

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